Friday, September 15, 2006

Jam Junior 4th Birthday on Junior Cert Night!

Amid all the hype and negativity about Junior Cert night, we had our 4th birthday for my hip-hop and r&b teenage party in the Savoy. Despite some incidents in the streets (there's always one or two, check Vic's blog for details), the crowd in the club were well behaved and ready to party and celebrate their results-the atmosphere was elcetric as usual, and apart from a few technical difficulties, the night was great. The Impressionists set was cut short but hey still showed their class, Cheb and Brozy tore it up on the mic (some unreal lyrics from these two, again their set was dampened by mic trouble but they are two of my favs) and were aided by various memebers of Aosdana, Faris, Nash and the unreal Bubba (From Tipp), who joined Brozy ripped the place apart at the end with his charismatic singing and rapping. We paid tribute to 2 Pac (died ten years ago today), and had a great night overall, (thanks to Ian R and Fox in the Foyer too).

Unfortunately, the more positive sides of youth culture can sometimes take a back seat but overall, I think most people recognise that the vast majority of youngsters are just out to have a good time and don't mean any harm! With ourselves and the City Hall being the only clubs on, the maths didn't add up because it still left thousands of kids on the streets with nowhere to go-hopefully more venues will do stuff next year, because let's face it, the safest place to enjoy yourself is in a properly run venue with trained security and gardai co-operation, not out on the streets.


lynchtp said...

Nice post, great blog.
Glad I stopped by.

StevieG said...

Thanks lynchtp!

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    I'm a DJ from Cork in Ireland. I work with RedFM, presenting Red Drive, The Hitlist and my specialist show, Black on Red. I'm probably best known for being one of the main hip-hop/soul DJ's in Cork and Ireland. I've been DJing in Cork since the early 90's in legendary clubnights such as Sweat in Sir Henrys, Mor Disco, Free La Funk, Yo Latino and also Jam and Jam Junior at the Savoy and the Pavilion. I've also held down long term residencies at clubs around Ireland such as Brown Sugar at the Kitchen in Dublin, U-Turn at Ri Ra in Dublin, Jazz Juice at the GPO in Galway, Thompson Garage in Belfast, the Soul Clinic, Dee-Bop, Meltdown and Mo Bounce in Limerick and i've played abroad in the United States and the U.K. on numerous occasions. I also write a music column for the Evening Echo and i'm a regular contributor to the U.K.'s Blues and Soul, the longest running black music magazine in the world. These days i run the Pavilion, a music venue in Cork, which hosts my Jam night every few Fridays also you can catch me at