Thursday, April 30, 2009

Give me the night with Red Drive on RedFM! Rosie Gaines

and another big tune from the Sweat era (some good chill out mixes of this aswell btw)

I like-The golden era!!!!

Big ups to emceemaka on youtube

Play in the sunshine!

Bout time the sun came out!

Tune of the day! Bahamadia

and some more!

Primo produced monster!

Nuther big hardcore number

Drum n'bass classic

One for the late night crew! DJ Shadow

One for the late night crew---used start off my radio show with this many times one of the first Shadow productions and an amazing musical journey "meanwhile uptown the dj a play"

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Give me the night with Red Drive on RedFM! Evelyn "Champagne" King

Big tune from my Mor Disco days

I like wiith RedFM!

This is a cool site run by two enthusiastic girls based in Cork. I caught up with Lujain and Fiona recently for a chat!

Okay girls, first up big congrats on an excellent blog! When did it all start and how did you meet? Also, what are your inspirations?

LJ: We met in 2006 through mutual friends, and we're like sisters now! I created the blog July 2008, after I found myself getting addiceted to some fashion/style blogs. Due to my boredom and high interest in style and fashion, I thought I’d share my own views and reviews on fashion and join the blogosphere.
Fi: Basically, I wanted to steal her shoes. So I figure what a better way than being friends with her. Unfortunately we are different sizes. Lj asked a couple me to join her blogging and I became addicted too. I'm inspired by music, artsy stuff, what other people wear, travelling...

Tell us a bit more about yourselves and your life outside blogging. Are you both studying?

LJ: I'm from Kuwait, studying Medicine in UCC. There's nothing going on in my life at the moment as the final exams are coming up! I love spending time with family and friends, travelling, goggling at shoes and clothes, looking at artsy fartsy stuff, stealing Fi's music, and drinking endless cups of tea and yummy lattes.

Fi: I'm from cork, like. I am in final year, graduating in a month (eep!) from Speech and Language Therapy. I don't have a clue what I am going to do after graduating, more fashion-related things hopefully. I like sitting on my flat roof with my friends, talking nonsense, going to see pretentious bands, partying, and dancing.

What are the secrets of a good blog? Saveourshoes just jumps off the page and is vibrant and colourful, just like yourselves!
How do you keep it so fresh? It sounds like you both have lots of fun putting it together?

LJ: Hmm.. I think the best way is to just be yourself and make your blog as expressive of yourself and your personality as possible. Blogging is something fun to do in our spare times, and it's always nice to share new designers, personal style photos, etc with our readers.

Fi: I agree with LJ, people like our blog because we put pictures of what we wear ourselves. There is only so much you can do by showing pictures of designers over and over. You can google them and find them anywhere. What I love about what LJ started is talking about designers, but then showing how she recreates looks from her own wardrobe. I am definitely not a journalist, I just like to ramble.

What about the feedback? So far it seems like you are attracting a lot of hits and getting plenty of coverage. This must be very rewarding?

LJ: SOS! has grown a teeny teeny tiny bit. Our readers are so lovely and supportive, and the blogosphere is a very welcoming environment. Thanks for the support readers. SOS! loves you xx

Fi: A friend of a friend googled CFW and she came across the blog. She then text me saying how much she loved it. That was nice. And I wrote the blog name somewhere in Cork too and I think we have gotten a few hits from that. It's nice to know that people like what we do.

Blogging to me is fun because it's almost like there are no rules. I grew up listening to punk and hip-hop music, both of which never really had any restrictions. This was cool because even though I wasn't a trained a musician I got participate in something I loved because of my passion for the music. Little did I know I would end up doing it for a living. Do you feel empowered by the fact that you can make something of your own love for fashion? The other day I heard one of you mention how it fashion doesn't require money but creativity. This sits nicely with my attitude to music and artistic things in general. With your blog and your style do you feel that almost anything is possible?

Fi: Well considering how shitty things are at the moment, every little thing helps. So for me doing the blog is adding to my portfolio. And it doesn't take a lot of time, because we come across things everyday that we might like to talk about. And I am constantly rummaging in charity shops to fuel my fashion addiction. I don't believe that the more expensive the clothes you are wearing increases how good you look. Case in point: juicy couture tracksuits.
LJ: Exactly, like you said this is a way of expressing our love for fashion and style with everyone else. Hmmm with regards to 'anyting is possible', I'm a bit more realistic with myself! I sometimes daydream about persuing a career in fashion, but that's probably not going to happen. I think I should stick to medicine! I think creativity and expressing your own personality is important when it comes to style, however money can get you nice things too. I like splurging on good quality things like bags and shoes.

I caught up with you guys at Cork Fashion Week and at the Pumps and Pearls Party at the Pavilion in particular. How do you think it all went? Emer and Viv and everyone else certainly made their mark and all the hard work paid off! How do you find working with Lockdown and co? And do you reckon Cork Fashion Week will become a fixture in the fashion calendar here?

Fi: I would hope so, but these things are so hard to keep going. I think it would be great to really promote the design aspect of it, as that is what bigger fashion weeks are all about. It went so well for the Lockdown girls, especially the Young Designers Awards. That was such a great opportunity for Aidan and the other designers to show more people their designs.
LJ: Working with Lockdown was very professional, and it was a good experience. And I also think CFW should be going along with all the other fashion weeks all around the world. Like Fi said, I think future fashion weeks should be more fashion designer orientated and a chance for Cork designers to show their talents. Will see how it goes in the next one!

The fashionistas of the future were out in force too? Was it a good buzz meeting youngsters who looked to you as an inspiration?

Fi: I don't really consider myself an inspiration... Everyone has their own style and it's nice if people like how you dress, but I can think of far more inspiring people. Lj for example definitely inspires me. But it was awesome meeting the younger girls (and boy) at pumps and pearls.
LJ: Hmm don't think I'm an inspiration either. It was fun meeting the teenagers, some of them reminded me of my littke sister. It was good fun!

What about the standard at the designer of the year award? Impressed?

Fi: Really impressed! I want Aidan's bubble dress.
LJ: The first night was my favorite event. I think the designers were brilliant, especially Aidan and Cathy. I was thinking about their garments yesterday and contemplating placing a special order. I loved their designs, and I was very impressed.

Okay, two more things. First up, any fashion tips? What can we be looking out for?

LJ: Be yourself, and wear whatever you want to wear. Keep an eye out for fashion designers and the latest set trends, then incorporate them into your own personal style. And don't follow "what's hot/not and Do's and Don'ts" in fashion magazines.
Fi: Whatever you want to look for.

Amen to that! And finally! Thanks a million for chatting today! What can we expect to see from the Saveourshoes in the future?

Fi: world domination. perhaps a franchise.
LJ: That's for us to know and you to find out..

Thanks Stevie G

And thank you girls!

Tune of the day! Johnny Osbourne

Never fails

One for the late night crew! Art of Noise

One for the late night crew-an all time fav i'm sure all the hip-hop people will remember "Beat-Box" aswell---I like "Moments in Love" so much i put it on my Collections mix grab it at

And "Beat Box"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Give me the night with Red Drive on RedFM! Michael Jackson

Give me the night with RedFM-Way back when he was black he was the man, this is live footage from when he ruled the word--Original classic vid is crap quality but you can find it and a link to Q Tips tribute vid to "Move" below


Q Tip "Move"


I like! These are a few of my favourite things! Dancing lessons with James Brown

Got this from my man Mark at Choice Cuts, the dope promoters of all things funky!
Check out their fab site at

Think he got it from

Another cool site!

Tune of the day! The Ragga Twins

Tune of the day-massive old skool breakbeat classic pioneering stuff with quality lyrics

One for the late night crew! Ronnie Foster

More Tribe action from a great album too-even Diplo has got in on the act with Brew Barrymore but of course it is "Electric Relaxation" which is the one here (been hammering non stop since 1993!) The original is amazing I'm sure all the heads will know it.

Tribe (posted before)


Loads of other great versions too

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tune of the day! Weldon Irvine

Forgot to do one earlier--the backbone of "Award Tour" but more importantly a killer in it's own right

and of course

Give me the night with Red Drive on RedFM! Gloria Jones

Give me the night with RedFM-an obvious one but why not! Marc Bolans lover, northern soul legend, and the singer of the tune that spawned Soft Cells biggest hit!

I Like with RedFM-These are a few of my favourite things-Bentley Green

I know you might have seen it before but this is funny--young Bentley Green is only a nipper but he is lashing out the tunes

Sunday, April 26, 2009

One for the late night crew! and PFA player of the year Ryan Giggs!

One for the late night crew-and RYAN GIGGS! Had to choose a chilled version of Joy Divisions classic!

Tune of the day! Fuck the Sunday Times Richlist here is William De Vaughan

Tune of the day-Fuck the Sunday Times rich list (Is there any more pathetic reflection of modern society than this?) You are welcome to your 17 jeeps, 4 houses and whatever else-each to their own but i really don't want to know! This is one tune that never ever gets left behind when I play records

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tune of the day! Martha Reeves and the Vandellas

For Mark Woods and Eddie Kiely

anyone fancy checking my Motown tribute featuring all of these and grabbing a free download check

and another couple of their classics

Some random twitter stuff

Find me at

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Friday night at Turners Cross another win for Cork City

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Aw yeahhhh!

Hangin out on Twitpic


Saturday brunch tweet tweet on Twitpic

Saturday Brunch Tweet Tweet

Friday, April 24, 2009

One for the late night crew-Pete Rock and Cl Smooth-They Reminsce over you

Nuff said........good night

Give me the night with Red Drive on RedFM-(For Cal)-Joe Smooth

This is for my friend Cal

One of my favourite tunes of all time
can anyone name a better tune than this? Unreal, i remember growing up having arguments with people who said house music wasn't soul and playing them shit like this and "Someday"-game, set and match!

"I like" Youth Expression!

In association with RedFM
These are a few of my favourite things!
Youth culture in Cork

Every year in Cork there are certain events on our music calendar that we look forward to with great anticipation. For many of us the Guinness Jazz Festival remains a big one as does the more recent addition of Live at the Marquee. This years Marquee is of particular interest to younger music fans with the likes of Kanye West and 50 Cent returning while Flo-Rida, Lady Ga-Ga, Ne-Yo and many more appear here for the first time. There have also been some lower key additions to the Cork music calender in more recent times that have caught the imagination of Cork youngsters, and which are set to continue this year too.
This Saturday in Bishop Lucey Park there is another celebration of Da Beatz in association with World Book Fest 2009. This event has been running for a few years now and it finds the best of Cork young hip-hop talent joining forces with our finest break-dancers too for a free party from 2pm to 6pm! Expect to hear DJ's, rappers, singers, producers, breakers, beat boxers, freestylers and graf artists representing their talents to the fullest. The event will include everything from a freestyle rap battle to an open break dance battle plus a showcase by the Gurranabraher Arts Project. I've been involved in this event since it's inception and it gets better every year, make sure you come along and check it out.
Fair play by the way to Sinead, Rory, Bony, GMC and everyone else involved in both the Triskel Arts Centre and the Gurranabraher Arts Project for all the hard work that they are doing behind the scenes for Cork youth culture at the moment; this showcase will provide a decent opportunity for them to show what they have been working on for the last few months! Da Beatz also ran something at another of Corks annual events a couple of years ago. The Midsummer Festival is well established now and the Spiegletent has been coming to Cork every summer as part of it. This year I'm running an event there called the Future Sound of Cork and I'm currently looking for people to take part in it.
This youth culture event aims to showcase the future sound of Cork, featuring a cross-section of our best young bands, singers, rappers, DJ's, graf artists, break-dancers and lots more. The showcase will be pretty diverse and aims to break down the traditional boundaries and prejudices that sometimes exist amongst teenagers who tend to categorize themselves into certain groups. Whether you are a punk rocker or hip-hopper, a dancer or chancer, or indeed all of the above, you are invited to check this out this June. Even if you don't know yet what you are into or don't particularly give a damn, you are welcome to come along and have a glimpse of the future sound of Cork! At the moment I'm programming the event and am looking for music people to take part, so if you know any teenagers doing original music let me know and tell them to contact me by sending a demo to me at RedFM, 1 UTC, Curaheen, Cork. The line-up is nearly complete so get them to send it in soon, there are still some slots available and it will be a good showcase of some of our best talent.
The all ages scene in Cork and beyond continues to flourish and the likes of Blast, Coolaboola and many more are continuing to put on shows in Cork. Bands such as the Impressionists have developed out of this scene and they are currently preparing to release their EP at the start of the summer. It is great to watch youngsters develop over a period of time and though they have changed their line-up over the years the funk remains at the core of one of Cork's most original bands!

This article appeared originally in yesterdays Evening Echo
Here's some pics of previous youth culture events in Cork, including Da Beatz, Jam Junior and Globalfest 2008

Tune of the day! Thank God it's Friday

Dr Dre-"Keep the heads ringin"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

One for the late night crew! Paris

One for the late night crew--80's soul at it's best this is for the heads--Spikey Tee if you are reading this i know you are gonna like it!

Let me twitter dat!

Give me the night with Red Drive on RedFM-De La Soul

Give me the night with Red Drive on RedFM!---Funkadelic looped up good for a tune which was everywhere at the time!

I like with RedFM-these are a few of my favourite things! The Carlos Alberto goal for Brazil in the 1970 World Cup final

I like with RedFM-these are a few of my favourite things----definitely one of my favourite goals of all time, football at it's finest by one of the great teams! The Beautiful game, as Pele rightly called it!

Tune of the day! Raphael Saadiq---200th post waheeey!!!!

Tune of the day! Oh yes Back Bar classic alert---Q Tip joining a modern soul legend over the Intruders "I'll always love my mama"--It's amazing that Raphael Saadiq is still not a household name in Europe everything he does is great, he's had classic groups, tons of classic albums and he is a top producer, writer, singer and musician!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Give me the night with Red Drive on RedFM-Blondie

For the full video check out

I Like! (In association with Red Drive on Cork's RedFM)

Stevie with Jay-ru

These are a few of my favourite things!

My man Jay-Ru set up this site a few years ago and it's a one stop shop for free hip hop music downloads!

You can subscribe to their podcast, mixed by Ireland’s best hip-hop, funk n’ soul DJs, including one of my own favourite ever mixes, for RedFM's collections!

So what's it all about?

Do you like good music?
- Great, so do we!

Do you like scratching?
- Sweet, us too!

Do you like free stuff? Of course, doesn’t everybody!
- Then you’re in the right place….

Whether you were rocking shell-toes and fat dookie ropes since ‘86 or just recently opened up your ears to beats & rhymes, there’ll be something here over the next few months to have you backspinning in your kitchen or nodding your head on the bus.

The aim of this site is to provide you with super-dope podcasts from some of Ireland’s top Hip-Hop DJs and turntablists. We’ll be hosting podcasts from a host of DJs all across the country who take their crate-digging seriously, with regular updates every few weeks.

All podcasts are available for free download - if you want any more info on any of the featured artists, just click on the myspace links provided. We only deal in the freshest, so remember to check back regularly to stay ahead of the game. Welcome to the real, now go rock the bells!

One for the late night crew! Jeru!

one for the late night crew! I posted the Ahmad Jamal original recently, here is a classic from Jeru that sampled it-saw him support Gang Starr in Dublin in 1994 and shit nearly kicked off at the gig, which was amazing! He kinda fell off for a time but left us with two classic albums; not a bad return

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Give me the night with Red Drive on RedFM-Tammi Terrell

Give me the night in association with RedFM-The original of one the great soul classics by Stevie Wonder and a track sung by one of my favourite singers, Tammi Terrell!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Record Store Day in Plug'd, Corks best record shop!

I worked in Plug'd for four years in the 90's when it was Comet and i've gotta pay full respect to Jim and Albert for keeping it alive in tricky times for record shops world wide-today they had loads of DJ's, giveaways, freebies and it was packed all day!
Respect! If you are ever in Cork check it out at 4 Washington st!

I also selected my tune of the day from there

Friday, April 17, 2009

Theophilus time!

"The next big thing" is a horrible term really when it is applied to a music industry that likes to churn out new stars every five seconds. It is important for the stuttering industry to do this as it is ultimately what the record industry has always depended upon, as hyping up new artists goes hand in hand with increased attention and of course sales. We've seen them come and go a million times and there is a thin line between one hit wonder and next big thing so when looking at up and coming artists it is essential to keep a sense of perspective. This week I'm gonna talk about two artists who are receiving huge hype at the moment, and who we will be hearing loads more about in 2009.
First up I have to declare an interest. Theophilus London touches down at my Jam night tomorrow at the Pavilion for his first Irish show and if I didn't believe he was a truly interesting artist I wouldn't be putting him on. His "This Charming Man" mix-tape was the latest installment of an interesting 12 months in which he also dropped an appropriately named "Jam" mix-tape aswell; but it's his new album (again called "This Charming Man") which is set to really lay down his music vision.
Theophilus is a Brooklyn based MC who's music is far removed from the traditional rap template and crosses into electronic and soulful territory quite freely. You might say there is nothing revolutionary or new in this and you might be right, but I urge you to check out his album and come along and see an artist who i reckon is one of the more interesting out there in 2009. Like I said earlier, it's not always a given that the next big thing blows up, but if he does, you may well live to remember the time you saw him in such a small venue! The night also serves as an after party for the Designer of the year awards for Cork Fashion Week so make sure you are ready to dance
Asher Roth is a name that only really came to me recently even though I actually already had a few tunes of his without even realising it. This guy is set up for mainstream success and even now there are gonna be major parallels with how Eminem went from being an underground MC to a mainstream success story practically overnight about 10 years ago. Roth is not particularly delighted with these comparisons himself and recently said "Him and I are different artists. I think the music’s going to portray that as time goes on. The comparisons are just…it’s cool to be compared to Em, but he’s one of the number one selling artists of all time. I’d rather be compared to him than pretty much anybody else. I think content and everything we rap about is completely different. We’re different artists. We just happened to be under the same genre."
Roth also went on to say that he thinks the comparison is too easy. 'A white emcee with a sense of humor and a political side? Oh, let’s compare him to Em!' ... I have nothing but respect for him though; he made it possible for me to be here, he opened the doors, but we come from an entirely different inspiration" Personally i reckon he has a point and his music is a lot closer to the likes of the New York legends who he was inspired by, though i suppose it also has to be remembered that when Eminem first sprung up he was effectively another left-field rap cat who was influenced by the greats too.
Why all the hype? Well there's a few tracks that have struck a chord big time with many rap fans world-wide. "I Love College" has been huge in dorms everywhere and became a pop hit in the States but it is "Lark on My Go Kart" that is making many heads sit up and take notice. This is proper hip-hop at it's finest and as with Theophilus London I'd be inclined to think that Asher Roth will be around for a long time. If not you can always blame me anyway!

Babysitting Lola, a couple of tunes!

and of course

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Give me the night with Red Drive on RedFM-The O'Jays!

The lyrics say it all!

Tune of the day!

Tune of the day!-now that's what i call old skool-myself, Phil Hope, John Byrne, Mike Daly and now Ian Richards do a soul night in the Pavilion bar every Wednesday i like to take it way back to the pioneers, who don't get enough credit! One of the true greats of music, Fats, take it away!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Give me the night with Red Drive on RedFM


oh yes! Wow they were so good and so under-rated the modern day Chic for a time (without the amazing musicianship obviously but in Kay Gee and others they had good production)--rinsed the shit out of this for years!

Tune of the day!

Dj Krush "Meiso" (Dj Shadow Mix)

Tune of the day-two copies of this led to many great nights in 1996 unreal tune still sounds savage aswell

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Give me the night with Red Drive on RedFM

Soul 11 Soul

A masterpiece

I know i've posted this before but who cares let's make hay while the sun shines

Tune of the day

Who cares if it rains later it's a bank holiday Monday and i want an excuse to play the greatest summer track of all time! A band who were legends of jazz and funk before they had hits with disco and one of the most sampled artists of all time (everyone knows the main tune that sampled this)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Remembering Tony D

Hip-hop lost an important producer last week when Tony D died in a car crash at the young age of 42. His name may not mean anything to you, but like hundreds of other music people behind the scenes he was very instrumental in making hip-hop an art-form that the world would eventually take seriously. Tony D's hip-hop heyday was arguably gone by the time he became popular in Cork, through a few low-key yet incredible releases for Manchester label Grand Central in the mid 90's. While many were enjoying great success as hip-hop blew up, it was typical of Tony D that he remained behind the scenes making music that still sounds great years later.

Having a forged a tight relationship with the Manchester label, it was inevitable that myself and a few other Cork music people would be enamoured with Tony D's releases, and his track with regular visitor to Cork Spikey Tee ("Erase the Pain") became a huge anthem here. Lyrically finding comparison between the Irish immigrant experience in England and the similar difficulties experienced by black people, it was always going to strike a chord here, but it was the music produced by Tony D that had laid-back funky production style that was unique to a person who is now being rightly heralded as a hip-hop pioneer.

Other tunes, such as "Piano Grand", were also massive in Cork and I remember selling loads of copies of his "Pound for Pound" when i worked in independent music shop Comet (now Plug'd) back in the day. Tony D was happy to remain behind the boards in the studio and like many in hip-hop he would at his most comfortable here. In a hip-hop climate all of these years later where rappers and producers of only a fraction of his talent loom large in a celebrity obsessed media that favours style over substance, it is poignant to think this week of the likes of Tony D. His hip-hop roll of honour included YZ, Poor Righteous Teachers, Blaque Spectrum, Almighty and KD Ranks, Ministers of Black and King Sun. These are artists who were from the underground, but they came from an era where the underground really was that, and where even the big stars of hip-hop were grounded in some degree of reality.

The tragic death of Tony D is mirrored by a less important tragedy, but one in which is still a shame as hip-hop reaches it's 30th birthday as a mainstream music force. The likes of the Tony D, the Beatminerz, Organized Noize, Diamond D, J Dilla, Large Professor, Buckwild, The Beatnuts, Eric Sermon, Clark Kent and many more are reduced to mere footnotes as artists with only a fraction of the talent make millions from a loose definition of what we know as hip-hop. In a week in which hip-hop legends Run DMC were rightly inducted in the rock n'roll hall of fame, and in which Eminem compared the Queens trio to the Beatles, it is additionally poignant to think of the many on the margins of a music that fought hard for credibility over it's 30 years.

But this is the way of the world and we are still blessed to be able to hear the great music of many who didn't care for the limelight as much. As a respected crate digger of rare music himself, Tony D would probably treat all of this with a wry smile. Those who want to know will always know and damn the rest! I'm lucky enough to be in a position to spread the word about the likes of Tony D and others and this Saturday on Black on Red i'll be spinning a few of his best tracks. He was a big lover of reggae too and tonight i'll also be rolling out part two of my hip-hop reggae mix, with Tony D featuring on a few tracks. The beats of a great producer will thankfully live on forever, and if you are new to his music I invite to come along and check out one of the finest.

Some classic vids

Friday, April 10, 2009

Give me the night with Red Drive on RedFM

Norma Jean!
Stevie Grainger Give me the Night with RedFM-Jesus this is a classic tune if disco like this doesn't make ya move i can't help ya! Gonna be spinning loads of music like this in the Pav on Sunday after Brian Deady (with Eddie K)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tune of the day!

Originally written with Jill Scott, and sung by Erykah Badu! a classic which everyone loves by the Roots! Here's the Jill Scott one!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Modern soul classics

Erykah Badu


PPP with Karma Stewart
There's no really good videos to this but this is interesting, these guys rocked the Pav last September

Make it last forever!

some late night joints for soul and disco fans know their shit! Classic artists on a chill tip!

The Supremes


Inner Life/Jocelyn Brown

Friday, April 03, 2009

It's raining, but time for the Carnivale in Cork!

Tonight at the Pavilion!
My tunes of the day are latin in flavour but on a more modern tip!

Masters at Work feat India-"I can't get no sleep"
Was looking for a good video of River Oceans "Love and Happiness", which finds India in her latino mode more than here, but this is the soundtrack to clubbing in Cork over the last 20 years, so why not? All the mixes were dope, inclduding some great hip-hop ones!

Tania Maria-Come With Me
Great version with Ronny Jordan too this was big for me in the Donkey's Ears when i first DJ'd

Gecko Turner-Un limon en la cabeza
The Quantic mix is dope too slightly different only

Nick Holder-Summer Daze

This guy is a great producer used hammer his stuff in Yo latino and Greg and Shane used play a lot of it in Henrys too-I DJ'd with him in Henrys in 1998, the night of the World Cup final! Samples Pat Metheny Group!

Platinum Pied Pipers-"50 Ways to leave your lover"
Excellent Paul Simon cover from PPP's first album

Thursday, April 02, 2009

More latin but not latin, ahead of Carnivale tomorrow!

The Dave Brubeck Quartet - "Take Five"
Love the version sung by Carmen McRae too, and all the reggae versions!

Salsoul Orchestra/Loleatta Holloway"Runaway"

Great cover by Nu Yorican Soul and India too, with a lovely latin flavoured mix; Salsoul was the bridge between Philly Soul and latin, disco and funk

Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers
-"Got Myself a Good Man"
Big hip-hop break crap vid but massive Yo Latino tune!

Kid Frost-"La Raza"
Hispanic hip-hop large at the time

La Lupe
Rhymefest did damge to this

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fuck Predjudice and Discrimination!

There are one or two people in Cork and indeed beyond who really should know better. I always love records that are defiant and these ones here have been very special to me over the years. Don't take any shit from anyone and stand strong! I'll put some more up later when i've a minute!

Machine-"There but for the Grace of God"
One for the disco and soul people

J Dilla-"Fuck the Police"

anyone who was ever wrongly searched will feel this

Sly and the Family Stone-"Everyday People"

Oh my god does it get better?

Stiff Little Fingers-"Suspect Device"

Grew up on this!

Public Enemy-"Fught the Power"

For a time they were the greatest band in the world

Yo this is my blog that's updated pretty much every day before 1pm Irish time

Hope you enjoy!

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