Tuesday, June 30, 2009

50 years of Motown numbers 31, 30 and 29! The Temptations, The Four Tops and the Marvelettes

I'm running behind a bit so here are three more give it up for the Funk Brothers and Norman Whitfield too, these guys were at the crux of the Motown sound and rarely get credit. I did a 2 hour radio show last year after Norman died out of the love of his music. His passing barely warranted a mention in the mainstream media. The Funk Brothers finally got overdue recognition in the fantastic 'Standing in the Shadows of Motown" movie, which was superb (I actually shed a tear or two during it). The party at the Pavilion is now 3 days away I hope you are ready to dance! Aswell as two classic from two of Motowns foremost bands i've included the highly influential "Hunter gets captured by the game" by the Marvelettes too, a record that was particularly influential to many gay soul fans, and another Smokey Robinson penned classic.

Number 31
The Temptations "Papa was a Rolling Stone"

Number 30
The Four Tops "It's the same old song"

Number 29
The Marvelettes "The Hunter gets captured by the game"

Dwele pays homage to MJ

50 years of Motown no. 32 and our Give me the night track-The Jackson 5-"ABC"

Needs no introduction come along to the big Motown party on Friday where we will be celebrating the music of Michael Jackson and all the other great Motown artists!

50 years of Motown no. 33-Frank Wilson "Do I Love You"

The fact that is probably the worlds most expensive record does not make a difference to me. The fact that is another Motown killer means it deserves a place here though! (I've also included the Chris Clark version) Check out classic northern soul like this downstairs in the Pav tomorrow with Phil Hope, who will also be joining us on our Motown special this Friday night at Jam!

50 years of Motown no. 34 and one for the late night crew-Marvin Gaye-"After the Dance"

One of my favourite albums and one of my favourite singles

and check this clip out!

Monday, June 29, 2009

50 years of Motown no. 35 and my Give me the night track-The Four Tops-'Reach out (I'll be there)"

More musical perfection from Holland-Dozier-Holland and the Four Tops, with the legendary Levi Stubbs on fire!

50 years of Motown no. 36-Willie Hutch "Brothers Gonna work it out"

Blazing social commentary from Willie Hutch. Everyone from Public Enemy to the Chemicals adopted the phrase, and the track itself still sounds amazing. Not your conventional Motown sound, but a reminder of how far to the left they travelled sonically in the 1970's. Check out our tribute on Friday night at Jam in the Pavilion.

Number 37 of my Motown 50-Smokey Robinson "The Tracks of my Tears"

and Number 38 of our Motown 50-Stevie Wonder "I was made to love her"

50 years of Motown no.39-The Supremes-"Come see about Me"

Number 50-The Supremes-"Come see about Me"

We are running a big night in Jam on Friday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the best record labels of all time. On my blog i'm gonna selecting 50 of my favourites over the next couple of weeks, continuing today with another from the Supremes!
Download my Motown mix for free here

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson RIP

10 of my favourite Michael records-I can safely say that I wouldn't be working in music without him-Thanks for the great music, the happy memories and the ultimate get out of jail records that worked every single time no matter what the crowd, from teen discos to underground soul and hip-hop nights-Respect

50 years of Motown no. 41-The Marvellettes "Please Mr Postman"

Motown classic number 41 complete with wacky video!

The Marvellettes "Please Mr Postman"

I challenge you not to sing; lol!

Give me the night with the Jones Girls

I remember looping this one up with GFinn for a vocal by Diane that never surfaced we will have to re-record it once she is famous

50 Years of Motown No.42-Martha Reeves and the Vandellas-"Heatwave"

We are running a big night in Jam on July 3rd to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the best record labels of all time. On my blog i'm gonna be selecting 50 of my favourites over the next couple of weeks, and given the weather we are having lately it's a perfect track!

Horace Andy, Icon the Mic King, Jams 8th B'day, Niwel Tsumbu on RedFM and a showcase of Cork hip-hop live at the Marquee before Flo-Rida

What a great few weeks!

Yo this is my blog that's updated pretty much every day before 1pm Irish time

Hope you enjoy!

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