Monday, May 19, 2008

A new era for Brass Bands!

The history of brass bands in American music dates back to the late
19th century. In New Orleans the blues and jazz era ushered in a
massive phase in the development of such bands, and I’m delighted
that a new era of such bands has come about lately, with many of
the new acts taking their cue not just from jazz and blues, but
soul, funk and hip-hop too.
This may seem like a break with tradition but
to be honest, as with most big developments in hip-hop and jazz, it
is simply a natural progression and development of a music styles
that are quite complex in their backgrounds. Modern day hip-hop
owes it all to jazz, blues, soul, funk, reggae and more, while jazz
itself considers to absorb and integrate new music into what some
people consider the essence of it’s original form.
What some jazz purists and traditionalists should
bear in mind when they put down hip-hop and new forms of music, is
that most of the major pioneers of jazz found themselves being
questioned back in the day when they departed from the traditions
and created something new. For many years the young brash arrogant
Miles Davis used rail against what he felt was the stale tradition
of Louis Armstrong and his ilk, but it was only when Miles himself
felt the sting of criticism about his own material that he
appreciated that Satchmo was a pioneer who blazed a trail that
paved the way for all jazz musicians. Ironically, Miles ended up
being even more single-minded from then on in pursuing his own
vision of a music form that had no boundaries.
Back in 2008 you may well be asking me who the hell
are all of these new bands I’m telling you all about? Well, you
don’t have to so much digging anymore because a quick search on
youtube will show you some of the greatest exponents of modern day
brass band flavour! The Youngblood Brass band will be familiar to
many in Cork, having played a blistering set here a few years ago
at the Cruiscin. Breakestra are the same, and the West Coast funk
group also played in Cork, as did Leeds outfit the Nu Mastersounds.
The Dap Kings are making big waves in modern soul and hip-hop, and
Mark Ronson has utilised them heavily in his productions that have
brought himself and Amy Winehouse great success. Meanwhile, the Hot
8 Brass band from New Orleans have are winning fans from all over
the globe with their jazzy takes on hip-hop and soul standards,
while the Dirty Dozen Brass band have collaborated with everyone
from Chuck D to Guru in their short career lately, and they have
been holding it down now for over 30 years! The Rebirth are an L.A.
crew who also played Cork, while we will also be getting a visit
soon from my favourite brass band of the moment, the Hypnotic Brass
Ensemble, Jay Z’s favourite band, and a group who are even as we
speak helping put together the new Gorillaz album!

The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble play Cork's Pavilion, Carey's Lane, June 25th

This article by Stevie G originally appeared in his Downtown Column in the Cork Evening Echo

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