Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Impressionists and PPP at the Pavilion, and the final Jam Junior

Both at the Pavilion!

One of the most exciting acts in modern day hip-hop and soul played in Cork on Saturday at the Pavilion. The Platinum Pied Pipers are now known simply as PPP and they have been causing quite a stir with some quality music that blurs the boundaries between hip-hop, soul, techno, funk and jazz.
Those who are already aware of PPP will not have been suprised at their brilliance, but for those who didn't make it, their sound is best described as future soul. They have already collaborated with the likes of Dwele, Sa-Ra, Ta’ Raach, Dilla and Tiombe Lockhart, and if you are aware of any of these guys you will be have some sense of the PPP vibe. Fans of their peers, such as Erykah Badu, Estelle, John Legend, Cee-Lo and more would also have enjoyed this and PPP producers Waajeed and Saadiq have regularly worked with all of these artists.
Their first album “Triple P” is a modern day classic, and it featured everything from bumping hip-hop with Dilla and to underground soul with Tiombe Lockhart. PPP are much more than this though, and their cover of Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave your Lover” hinted at an even greater diversity; one which new album “Abundance” seems set to explore even further. The first tracks released from the new album have an almost Motown and classic soul feel, but with PPP you can always be guaranteed that the sounds will be fresh and innovative aswell as funky. Waajeed and Saadiq joined me first on Black on Red for a chat and then the whole crew tore it up later on at the Pavilion. Karma and Koltrane were great on vocals and with extra live drums too this was a show that will live long in the memory. You couldn't meet nicer people, i'm proud to have had these guys in our club and on my show!
One of Corks best young music hopes kicked off their monthly residency at Jam in the same venue last Friday. The Impressionists have got even better since their Blastbeat battle of the bands win a few years ago and they are now a real force to be reckoned with as live performers. They have a new EP about to drop and they previewed some of these tracks by playing a blistering set.
As one of the many acts who played Jam Junior through the years I am particularly proud of the Impressionists, and I would like to take the time out to thank out all of the performers and indeed crowds who made Jam Junior such a success over the last few years. We had our last ever Jam Junior at the Savoy last week but the over 18’s Jam will continue every Friday at the Pavilion. At both the Savoy in Cork and the Boiler-room in Clon we had some great nights and everyone from Suzi K and Ian Ring to all of the rappers deserve great credit for helping making it so good. There are too many DJ’s and rappers to mention here now, but thanks to everyone for the memories. I've included some pics of the last one, with guests such as Gio and Bony plus many more! If i get time in the future i'll put together a proper tribute to Jam Junior.
When we started all those years ago, there were no proper teenage discos in Cork. The kids were ushered in and rushed out of venues such as Sir Henry's, where i used get annoyed about the fact that young people were treated like crap at teen discos. I loved all my years at Sir Henry's but when i moved to the Savoy I was determined to do teenage gigs properly. I didn't want it to be a take the money and run gig. Graffiti, Breakdancing, rapping and more are now part of almost every teenage show, and Jam Junior pioneered this in this country and set the trend. Now that others have caught up and now that many discos use this formula, there is not as much need for Jam Junior, but for so many people it will be remembered fondly.
In particular I was proud to have Bony performing on the final ever show, as many years ago as a 13 or 14 year old he alongside his then band member Jaae did their first ever gig there, and after becoming one of the most popular Cork rappers he has now become immersed in youth culture activity himself, and nurtures young talent at various workshops and youth centres around Cork. Out of all the great shows and performances over the years at Jam Junior, watching the likes of Bony putting his knowledge and experience to such good use makes me happier than anything. The youngsters he works with look up to him the way many of the young rappers and DJ's used look up to me when they first did gigs with us. The torch has been passed on and the music is in good hands. I'll still be doing other youth culture activities and workshops but it was time to move on from the big huge teen gigs at the Savoy. Jam Junior is now gone, but the Jam is far from over. This is only the beginning...........

This article was adapted from last weeks Downtown in the Echo


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