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Kid Cudi

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble at the Pavilion

Stevie and PPP

Okay here are my tips for the year-the first part was included in Jim Carroll's piece in Fridays Irish Times (some of them obviously overlap)


In Cork, I'm hoping local soulboy Brian Deady reaches more ears as his sound develops. The same can be said for young funk act The Impressionists , who are residents at my Jam night at The Pavilion, and reggae stalwarts Wiggle , who have a great new album about to drop. Elaine Dowling is a terrific singer who is doing interesting work with Corkman and New York resident Freezerroom .

For a hip-hop fan, it's interesting that so many of my choices touch on that style without specifically being hip-hop and I think this is a reflection of the ubiquity of the genre as a whole. The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are just one of the many acts with a hip-hop sensibility bringing this attitude to a different field, and their new material is incredible. This is music that makes acid jazz seem like it belonged to the last century. Oh, wait . .

The second was included in my Downtown column in the Evening Echo last Thursday

t's always difficult to peer into the crystal ball and see what's ahead but here are just a few of the acts who i think we will be hearing a lot more from in 2009. Some are already well known, some are gonna be well known, but hopefully each of these acts and each of you will all have a fabulous New Year!


This Berlin based duo have got even better having made the move from Ireland and they promise an interesting follow-up to their excellent Dot Dash release with Queen Kong last year. 2009 could well be their year.


Another act who is now based elsewhere, but collaborating with many local acts here including one our best singers, Elaine Dowling. There are some really nice beats on this project and with a FishGoDeep remix on the horizon too, it augurs well


Cork based act have improved greatly lately and despite losing their excellent drummer are hoping for great things next year. Residents at my own Jam night at the Pavilion, they are developing a really good live show too!

Already with a big hit in "Day and Night', this Cleveland rapper is set to blow up big time next year and has already got the support of Kanye West and Wale amongst others.


Had a critically acclaimed debut as the Platinum Pied Pipers but now they have a shorter name and a tighter sound, future soul at it's finest.


Cork soul man who's music is developing really nicely he has put together a funky band now too and his new recordings look set to propel his name further into our consciousness this year.


Already well known here after a few visits to Cork 2009 promises to be even better for these guys. They have got their live sound perfectly down and their new album is easily their best so far. Alongside the Hot 8 Brass Band and Menahan Street band, they are part of a new jazz generation making great music.


Okay i've been tipping him for every year since about 1997 but this could be the one! His new album is gonna be produced by Kanye West and Q Tip and could be the break he needs


Well there's loads of talented ones out there and some good producers too. Who is gonna step up and get some quality material out there? 2009 is here let's hope we hear some good stuff.


The new album is great and they are always amazing live alongside Green Monitor and Sumo one of the most interesting Cork bands.

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