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I like wiith RedFM!

This is a cool site run by two enthusiastic girls based in Cork. I caught up with Lujain and Fiona recently for a chat!

Okay girls, first up big congrats on an excellent blog! When did it all start and how did you meet? Also, what are your inspirations?

LJ: We met in 2006 through mutual friends, and we're like sisters now! I created the blog July 2008, after I found myself getting addiceted to some fashion/style blogs. Due to my boredom and high interest in style and fashion, I thought I’d share my own views and reviews on fashion and join the blogosphere.
Fi: Basically, I wanted to steal her shoes. So I figure what a better way than being friends with her. Unfortunately we are different sizes. Lj asked a couple me to join her blogging and I became addicted too. I'm inspired by music, artsy stuff, what other people wear, travelling...

Tell us a bit more about yourselves and your life outside blogging. Are you both studying?

LJ: I'm from Kuwait, studying Medicine in UCC. There's nothing going on in my life at the moment as the final exams are coming up! I love spending time with family and friends, travelling, goggling at shoes and clothes, looking at artsy fartsy stuff, stealing Fi's music, and drinking endless cups of tea and yummy lattes.

Fi: I'm from cork, like. I am in final year, graduating in a month (eep!) from Speech and Language Therapy. I don't have a clue what I am going to do after graduating, more fashion-related things hopefully. I like sitting on my flat roof with my friends, talking nonsense, going to see pretentious bands, partying, and dancing.

What are the secrets of a good blog? Saveourshoes just jumps off the page and is vibrant and colourful, just like yourselves!
How do you keep it so fresh? It sounds like you both have lots of fun putting it together?

LJ: Hmm.. I think the best way is to just be yourself and make your blog as expressive of yourself and your personality as possible. Blogging is something fun to do in our spare times, and it's always nice to share new designers, personal style photos, etc with our readers.

Fi: I agree with LJ, people like our blog because we put pictures of what we wear ourselves. There is only so much you can do by showing pictures of designers over and over. You can google them and find them anywhere. What I love about what LJ started is talking about designers, but then showing how she recreates looks from her own wardrobe. I am definitely not a journalist, I just like to ramble.

What about the feedback? So far it seems like you are attracting a lot of hits and getting plenty of coverage. This must be very rewarding?

LJ: SOS! has grown a teeny teeny tiny bit. Our readers are so lovely and supportive, and the blogosphere is a very welcoming environment. Thanks for the support readers. SOS! loves you xx

Fi: A friend of a friend googled CFW and she came across the blog. She then text me saying how much she loved it. That was nice. And I wrote the blog name somewhere in Cork too and I think we have gotten a few hits from that. It's nice to know that people like what we do.

Blogging to me is fun because it's almost like there are no rules. I grew up listening to punk and hip-hop music, both of which never really had any restrictions. This was cool because even though I wasn't a trained a musician I got participate in something I loved because of my passion for the music. Little did I know I would end up doing it for a living. Do you feel empowered by the fact that you can make something of your own love for fashion? The other day I heard one of you mention how it fashion doesn't require money but creativity. This sits nicely with my attitude to music and artistic things in general. With your blog and your style do you feel that almost anything is possible?

Fi: Well considering how shitty things are at the moment, every little thing helps. So for me doing the blog is adding to my portfolio. And it doesn't take a lot of time, because we come across things everyday that we might like to talk about. And I am constantly rummaging in charity shops to fuel my fashion addiction. I don't believe that the more expensive the clothes you are wearing increases how good you look. Case in point: juicy couture tracksuits.
LJ: Exactly, like you said this is a way of expressing our love for fashion and style with everyone else. Hmmm with regards to 'anyting is possible', I'm a bit more realistic with myself! I sometimes daydream about persuing a career in fashion, but that's probably not going to happen. I think I should stick to medicine! I think creativity and expressing your own personality is important when it comes to style, however money can get you nice things too. I like splurging on good quality things like bags and shoes.

I caught up with you guys at Cork Fashion Week and at the Pumps and Pearls Party at the Pavilion in particular. How do you think it all went? Emer and Viv and everyone else certainly made their mark and all the hard work paid off! How do you find working with Lockdown and co? And do you reckon Cork Fashion Week will become a fixture in the fashion calendar here?

Fi: I would hope so, but these things are so hard to keep going. I think it would be great to really promote the design aspect of it, as that is what bigger fashion weeks are all about. It went so well for the Lockdown girls, especially the Young Designers Awards. That was such a great opportunity for Aidan and the other designers to show more people their designs.
LJ: Working with Lockdown was very professional, and it was a good experience. And I also think CFW should be going along with all the other fashion weeks all around the world. Like Fi said, I think future fashion weeks should be more fashion designer orientated and a chance for Cork designers to show their talents. Will see how it goes in the next one!

The fashionistas of the future were out in force too? Was it a good buzz meeting youngsters who looked to you as an inspiration?

Fi: I don't really consider myself an inspiration... Everyone has their own style and it's nice if people like how you dress, but I can think of far more inspiring people. Lj for example definitely inspires me. But it was awesome meeting the younger girls (and boy) at pumps and pearls.
LJ: Hmm don't think I'm an inspiration either. It was fun meeting the teenagers, some of them reminded me of my littke sister. It was good fun!

What about the standard at the designer of the year award? Impressed?

Fi: Really impressed! I want Aidan's bubble dress.
LJ: The first night was my favorite event. I think the designers were brilliant, especially Aidan and Cathy. I was thinking about their garments yesterday and contemplating placing a special order. I loved their designs, and I was very impressed.

Okay, two more things. First up, any fashion tips? What can we be looking out for?

LJ: Be yourself, and wear whatever you want to wear. Keep an eye out for fashion designers and the latest set trends, then incorporate them into your own personal style. And don't follow "what's hot/not and Do's and Don'ts" in fashion magazines.
Fi: Whatever you want to look for.

Amen to that! And finally! Thanks a million for chatting today! What can we expect to see from the Saveourshoes in the future?

Fi: world domination. perhaps a franchise.
LJ: That's for us to know and you to find out..

Thanks Stevie G

And thank you girls!


EmerLockdown said...

Love love love the girls - they really deserve a wider platform and hopefully their relationship with all of us in the industry in cork will grow from strength to strength.
Totally agree about Fashion Wks going forward bein about designers, it doesnt cover the costs to have the wk all about that..we have to support suffering local business too (local boutiques) and help them get some business. But for CFW Autumn/Winter in Sept we'll DEFINITELY be having the SOS girls on board as head stylists for the shows.
They're what Cork has needed for ages...youth and vibrancy in the local fashion scene.
Keep it up chickeetas.
E xxxxxxxxxx

Couture Carrie said...

So fun, ladies! Love the story of how you met and what you say about blogging! Congrats on the interview :)


StevieG said...

Word! Thanks for the comments Emer and Carrie, thanks to the girls for the chat and thanks also for my blogs first interview!

EmerLockdown said...

Great job Stevie - look forward to seeing more.

These girls are Blog Queens in Fashion across the net world - it'll be hard to follow them :)

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Hope you enjoy!

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