Friday, March 05, 2010

The vinyl junkie's spring cleaning session!

My studio is a disaster. I've still got over 10 or 15 thousand records at home alone and milliions of CD's too. All four corners of my house are covered in music and it's getting to the stage where I (and my wife) have said enough is enough! I already started by cleaning my office in RedFM last night and am starting my studio this weekend (even little Lola is giving a hand)


fiona said...

Jesus Stevie, how do find anything??

EmerLockdown said...

Great post Stevie, I remember a few of us back in ur apt by FAS about 10/12 years ago after Henrys and you had a room wall to wall with vinyl. I see you've kept on top of the collection since then haha.
Pics of Lola are priceless! Brilliant.

Adrian said...

you're not throwing stuff out are you Stevie?

you could hold bit of a jumble sale in the Pav some Saturday morning.

Anonymous said...

Lola is gonna be the coolest kid in Cork!

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Hope you enjoy!

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