Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A rare view of Spike Island!

Spike Island, a small island opposite Cobh and just off Ringaskiddy, is famous here in Cork for being a prison first and foremost. Ironically, most people in Cork don't even know where it is, and have certainly not visited there as it has till only recently remained a prison, but all that may be about to change as the Island is being officially handed over to the people of Cork on July 11th this year. With the Cork County Council developing it as a tourist attraction and potential venue of major cultural, artistic, sociological, geographical and historical importance, I was offered a rare insight into the Island itself this morning as myself and a number of other people involved in Cork's music scene were invited down for a visit. To say the potential of the Island for Cork is immense would be a major understatement. A steering group is already busy developing ideas and I'd like to thank Ken and Val plus the Coastal and Maritime Resource Centre, all at the Naval base and the Council themselves for enabling myself and the others to make the short trip over by boat this morning. The Islands history is rich and I'll leave my friend Wiki explain a brief synopsis.

"It was significant in the French intervention following the Glorious Revolution, and was later purchased by the British government in 1779 – becoming the site of Fort Westmoreland. Later a prison and convict depot, it was used to house "convicts" prior to penal transportation. It remained in use as a garrison and prison through the Irish War of Independence, when IRA prisoners were held there. Richard Barrett was among those detained there, but escaped during the truce of 1921. Following the Anglo-Irish Treaty, the island remained as one of the Treaty Ports, and was only handed back to the Free State in 1938. Upon its handover to the Irish state, the island's installations were renamed Fort Mitchel (after John Mitchel, nationalist activist and political journalist). The island remained the site of a prison and military base (for both the regular Irish Army and the FCÁ) for some time. Most recently it was used as a correctional facility for youth, when in 1985 it became mildly notorious when the inmates mutinied and briefly controlled the area; one of the accommodation blocks caught on fire and is known as the Burnt Block. This facility closed in 2004."

Thankfully Spike Island is going to be used a tourist attraction from now on and on July 11th it will be officially handed back to us, the people of Cork. Access remains the big problem and there is certainly work to be done, but in the coming months the potential of Spike Island is exciting and I know myself and all the other visitors today were inspired by what is a so far untapped destination only minutes from a port which has hundreds of Cruise liners and ships passing through it every year. I took a few random photos on my i Phone which i've posted below; I really should have brought my proper camera but you get the drift.

Obviously, I was fooling around in a few but what struck us all was that there is already an impressive infrastructure down there with the prison only being vacated relatively recently. We saw the prisoners quarters, some of the cells, the yards, recreation areas such as the gym, and even some of the older aspects of the military base, with an incredible canon being aimed out on Cork harbour at unwelcome visitors! I couldn't help but remember back to my days on pirate radio on Radio Friendly in the late 90's, when in-mates from Spike Island used ring in and contact me on my radio show every Sunday! It was poignant and eye-opening actually visiting the place where so many prisoners, convicts and soliders spent so many years; I'm looking forward to hearing lots more about the history of a Island that tells so many stories.

I'm delighted that the people of Cork will soon be able to experience Spike Island for themselves, though in the short term access is going to be a bit of a problem. The long term potential benefits for Cork are infinite though and you will be hearing lots more about Spike Island in the coming weeks and years!

PS-some links to a documentary on Cork prisons by Kieran Hurley and Catriona Chambers can be found here


Anonymous said...

Looks amazing! Really exciting :)

StevieG said...

Nice one Lorna! would be wicked for a Coolaboola show!

Things I Keep Coming Back To said...

when you say there's a canon aiming towards cork harbour, do you mean cannon? or actually a priest who is a member of certain bodies of the Christian clergy subject to an ecclesiastical rule

(i'm friends with wiki too)

diane said...

that looks amazing would love to see it

Vic Barry said...

Simply Brilliant!!! Great pics! Exciting times ahead!!!

StevieG said...

@ Things I Keep Coming Back To!

Ha ha first class! and oops my bad!

Anonymous said...

That's fecking class! Great photos for an iPhone!

And I second the idea of holding a Coolaboola gig there :P


Paul O'Mahony said...

What a fabulous place for Cork to have! How great will it be to look in on the city from the island.
What a great job you have done highlighting Spike Island.
The challenge will be to make something great from this resource. How can we use it to help improve the image of Cork? To help develop an identity for the future of Cork? How can we join together to make Cork at least as good as Galway (which projects such a fine image)?

I think you blogpost is historic: it puts down a marker on the internet. Your intro to Spike encourages me. It makes me feel we can use new media to push forward.

As loladee says " Really exciting".
As "diane" says "amazing".
As Vic Barry says "Simply Brilliant... exciting times ahead"
As "foreveraddictedtoyou" says "fecking class"

Anonymous said...

Heading over on Kayaks this week....Will send on the photos.

Pég á sús said...

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Steve Cooper said...

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Spike Island Rescue Campaign said...

Hey Stevie, I like the pics really nice. Could i post a few of these on our face book page "Spike Island Rescue Campaign". You can PM me on the page

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