Friday, November 03, 2006

No Gilesy or Brady, but Eamonn Dunphy and Miss Cork!

Spent this morning DJing at the launch of Ireland’s first 3 mobile-media store down at Patrick's St next to the Savoy! Eamonn Dunphy and Miss Cork, Stephanie Barry were two of the star attractions and as much as I disagree with Eamonn's verdict on all things Manchester United, I had to admire his professionalism and patience today as he signed hundreds of autographs and posed for loads of pics with eager Cork people of all ages. He was quite open about he fact that his T.V. persona is a reaction to the blandness that we get listening to BBC, Sky and ITV sports pundits and he was also very forthcoming in his praise of Cork and of course our main man, Roy Keane. By lunchtime I was finished but it was only a quarter of my day down as I proceeded on to the Triskel where I was helping organise a Youth Culture Workshop/Showcase called Da Beatz-I was too busy to take shots but i'll try and get some pics of the Showcase up after the weekend-have a good one!

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