Thursday, November 23, 2006

Some Cork Cars waiting to get pimped!

The other day I told ya about the Extreme Motor Makeoever we are running on my show!
Here's just a few of the motor's that want some pimpin'! Believe me the worst ones aren't pictured!!!!!!!!!!

For more info check my blog a couple of days back at

I'm gonna be getting finalists next week and the winner will be announced next Friday!

Let's kick off with one of my favs (no photo with this one)

Dear CAB Motors/Red FM

I drive a bright red Toyota Starlet 1.3 Litre 3 Door car. It's one of
the newer style makes of the starlet

This car is a dinger.. Beautiful engine, runs smoothly & I've never had
a day's trouble. The only problem I have is that it's not that easy on
the eye. For a car with such a magnificent engine and reliability it's
just a shame that Toyota didn't give it a body to match.

The best way I can describe it is, it's like meeting a girl in a
nightclub who's nice and a goer but just doesn't float your boat, but
you end up driving it home anyway...

You would be doing Toyota Starlets everywhere a massive service if you
made my Betty into an Elizabeth.


Steven Davern

Here's a few photos and a few more accounts!!!!!!!!!

Donal cronin

I Think this car deserves a make over because its 10years old the
paintings starting to rust in it you cant open the passanger door from
the outside the handle broke on it its so ebarrsin going to school
every morning in it because all th elads in school have theres done up
like i have no alloys likt them i have no cd player like them the radio
barley works its all fuzzy and soemtimes i cant listen 2 red fm it has
no back baord and anytime i go over a bump the car shakes like makes
noises i have no money 2 do it up in any sorts because the first week i
bought it the kascade whent in it also had 2 get new tyres also the
pasanger seat wont move back its just stuck in a position and is rusted
also the petrol gage just keeps moving and doesnt say howmuch petrol is
in it so thats annoying in the mornings the car barley moves becauseits
so cold and i feel inbarrsed when im parkign in skl on a hill because
it keeps cutting out over been cold and everyoen just laughs but the
worst part is no red fm sometimes... this is my car it needs some
pimping 2 it ..please dotn call out what part of cork im from because
im so embarrsed
it looks ok in the foto for soem reason but has 2 b looked at in person

Hia Stevie,

This is my first time ever entering a radio show competition but when i heard about the make over i just had to enter.

after buying my car a week later the head casket went and i got it repaired and thought that was it. "i was made" but little did l know that that was the start of all my problems. heres what has happened since i bought the car just over a year ago.


I have no horn. it really anoys me when i can not beep at drivers that are in the wrong.

i have to jump start my car since the cold weather has come in and usually it was the neighbours who had to jump start it "HOW EMBARRASSING". now my fiance jump starts it every morning before he goes to work. "HOW ROMANTIC"

my passenger door does not open and i caused a dent in the door trying to open it.

i have no internal light, no passenger sun visor, have a broken drivers side wing mirror. i have it held up with cello tape and it is still unbalanced.

have only 3 hub caps and if i took them all off the car would look worse than what it is.

i have holes in my exhaust and it rattles all the time. why i do not know but i just pretend it is not my car when people look around to see where the noise is coming from,

i have no back window wiper. it fell off one day when i was driving to work.

the exterior is meant to be white but it is more gone off white. i gave up trying to wash it as it makes no difference whatsoever.

the inside is green which i hate because it looks black now. also my dash board is meant to be black but it is stained and always looks dirty. cleaning does not work it stills just looks an embarrassment.

they are all the things so far that have went since i bought my first "dream car", really i would still like it to be my first as i always want to remember my first!! i dont want it be a nightmare which it is at the moment. it can be saved, i know it can deep down. theres still life in her yet...

all i wish for is a decent enough car and not be embarrassed to drive it. i wish i could carry people in car instead of making excuses. when i drop the kids to school i park behind the shopping centre so i dont have to embarrass the kids and myself. when i head in to the nearest town i drive the back way around so i dont have to go through the town. my fiance will not even drive it, thats how bad it is.

so please please please save my first car and save me from further embarrassment. i feel i should get alot more mileage out of my first car and i cant do it without your help.

please make my wish come true

Amanda, my kids and Fiance.

Dear Red Fm,

My name is Gary Creedon, I'm just turned 24 years old (21 November) and I live with my family in Turners Cross, Cork. I drive a Hyundai Accent Gold GS

My car isn't the worst looking car on the road but it's also not the best (please see attached pic of the car in it's glory days). The following, to me anyway, is why my car should be considered for the makeover:

It has been a loyal friend for the past number of years. I can leave it on it's own at night and I know it'll always be there the next morning, no matter what car I'm in the night before, unlike the girlfriend (only messing). It has only broken down on me a number of times and I got a bit of surgery done to it to try to stop this happening again. Once is stoped accelerating when I was going up a hill but, luckily, it decided to forgive me and worked again. It has rust on the inside of the door and it's only getting worse. My wheels leave a lot to be desired. Saw a set of alloys on a car in town and they would so suit mine. The interior is disgraceful. Years of wear from kids, eating etc in the back seat and the dog lying all over it............

Thank you sincerely,

Loyal Red FM Listener,
Gary Creedon.

Dearest Stevie G,
Sitting out the back yard is my dream, a 1979 volkswagen camper van, its got
the works: a sink, a cooker, a pop-top roof which can sleep four and the
potential to be the most fantastic thing to hit Patrick street on a
Saturday night. Unfortunately, none of these things actually work and the
disease that is rust slowly eating it away to nothing. My plan was to fix
this baby up and go touring europe in it. BUT due to the financial obstacles
that occur when your attending C.I.T, I can barely even afford lunch not to
mind restoring a classic car.

Here's some more!!!!!

My name is niamh murphy im driving a 1990 honda civic, its grey and crashed on all sides, rust is adding a bit of colour to it,

I think i deserve a make over for it, here's my story,

I just got dumped by my boyfriend of 4 yrs over the phone, He has moved away for work and bought me this little banger before he left as i had no mean of transport only him! he himself has 3 cars all class,
Now I have been dumped im completely gutted and lookin at this grey and browne crock of s**t every morning is only reminding me of him and depressing me even more. I also know he would be sickened if he knew I got it fixed up. He wont be able to take this present back then I can laugh at him, not to mention for me it would really cheer me up as i crashed it the other day too.......

And a lovely poem by

Kim Aitken, Chantaco, Worlds end, Kinsale

Nissan Micra


They Mighty micra has been in the Aitken family since 1995 and has served 5 youngsters during their times at college, the four 'Scottish' Aitkens from Gasgow and myself here in Cork. I have written a poem to outline the trials and tribulations of 'Mighty' and the reason for her name...hope you enjoy and would consider my wee car for the extreme motor makeover.


Our “Mighty” micra sits in the drive

’95 reg, barely alive

11 years, as a student car

At times a home, a bed and a bar

Driven first by Johnny, the eldest son

A trainee chef, he had his fun

He piled her high with food and wine

Mighty and Johnny got along fine

Then to Andy, the middle boy

A budding lawyer and very coy

In cold and draughty Aberdeen

Mighty worked hard and fun was lean

Next on to Rossy, young and free

A marketing tycoon, he was training to be

Girls were many and lectures few

Old Mighty earned a scrape or two

Fourth was Kirsty, apple of the eye

A dedicated Physio, hopes were high

These hopes she did so promptly dash

When poor mighty had her first crash

On that note another verse

To talk about the “Kirsty” curse

She tried to improve her ability to drive

To keep our faithful servant alive

Alas a scrape, a dent and more

Mighty was battered, bruised and sore

Kirsty strived and Kirsty tried

But in ’05 our mighty died

She stayed one year, broken and dead

Sitting dejected in the shed

And now age 11, with owner number five

An engineering student learning to drive

A lead, a cable, a push and a shove

A work in progress, a labour of love

She's never even seen a skirt

She usually wears just mud and dirt

Her seats are ripped and stained and torn

Her looks are tired and forlorn

The wheels are bare, the seals are gone

She’s scratched and faded, where once she shone

Our Mighty micra sits in the drive

’95 reg and barely alive

With this story I beg and plea

To Red Fm and C.A.B

She is my life, my to and my fro

Help me give Mighty some get up and go….

Hello RedFm,

My name is Mihai Onofrei, and I would like to have my
car modified because I love my car and that’s not all.
It is a ‘95 HONDA Civic, 5 dr, 1.6i LS and I haven’t
seen any modified, so I think it will look GRATE. It
is my first Japanese car but its grate and deserves
all the upgrade that it can get.


P.S My date of birth is 1st of December ’81, so I
think this would be a nice birthday present…:)

Best regards,


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