Wednesday, June 28, 2006

African Irish Community Gospel Choir Competition

I had the honour of judging this last Saturday in St Finbarre's Cathedral. Unfortunately most of my pics didn't come out so I robbed a few from (thanks!) and included a couple from my phone. The event was organised by the always excellent Phil from Feile Afrika and it brought six really talented African gospel choirs (practicing in Ireland) down to Cork. The church was packed and it sold out very quickly-I was wrecked tired but overwhelemd by the incredible music; each of the choirs were amazing and the variety of music was great too, Bob Marley's "One Love" was sung alongside more conventional Church music.
Congratulations to the winners, The Children of Soweto Choir, who have now been invited to open the main stage at The Festival of World Cultures in Dun Laoghaire on August 26th. The Cork based choir were exellent too and they are gonna be singing at my wedding in August! I enjoyed the company of all the judges too, including Mel, Jerome and Catherine. It was a great afternoon and I look forward to next years event!


Anonymous said...

hi Stevie,
i'm looking for a way to contact the Christ Restoration Ministries Choir and came across your blog.. any chance you would have a contact number for them? any help would be greatly appreciated! could you email me at please!! thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Can you let me know the name and contact details for teh Cork based choir, I'd love a Gospel choir at my wedding also.

claire said...

I'm living in Cork and love Gospel singing and all African music.I am looking for a church to go to on Sunday that has lifting inspiring music, any recommendations??? Was speaking to a guy from Tongo who said there is a good one in town somewhere?I travel to the Uk alot and as you can imagine there is loads happening over there

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