Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The world at our fingertips!

Loads of talk about Bebo again lately. It's all gone mad really. During the last number of months It's taken off big time and It's not difficult to see why! For students in both school and college it 's proving to be a welcome distraction from their studies but it's defintely getting out of hand for some people. A few youngsters that I know from my teenage disco have told me they are totally addicted to it already. I suppose being a bit older and in a long term relationship it's different, but I can defo see the attraction from the social point of view and it's a lot more personal than regular message boards.

I use message boards myself every day and I find that they are a really useful way of knowing exactly what is going on in Cork and beyond. Here in Cork the and would be my main ones but I'd also occasionally check and the excellent In the wider scheme of things i'd visit U.S. websites such as stonesthrow and ubiquity aswell as the excellent on-line music community that is okay-player. As a sports fan I'm regularly checking out the website of my favourite Manchester United fanzine, United We Stand, while BBC's site is good for breaking stories. I haven't had the heart to check out how crap my fantasy football team did this week at the Premierships site but all I can say is, watch out for Jam United next year, we will be in the reckoning!

I buy a lot of my specialist music on the net too and frequent Fat City and 2Funky's sites regularly but I've avoided E-Bay in the last while, saving for my imminent wedding does not sit comfortably with my vinyl addiction! In recent years I've finally found a certain kind of peace with my music addiction and I have 90% of the music I want on vinyl (about 15, 000 records) but there's always more. Always more......but I don't want to think of that now! I must post some pictures up of my collection soon!

The two biggest sites that have taken off are Myspace and the aforementioned Bebo. My Space is almost like a Bebo for older people but the music section of it has taken off big-time recently. We only just set up our one for Jam ( but I can see already how useful it is for promoting underground music to a worldwide community.

Bebo is probably seen as more of a fun thing but i find it useful for getting feedback on shows, events and music aswell. It's really interesting to see what young people are into musically and it's great that they can communicate directly with you aswell. The white boards (right) and pics are interesting and the whole set-up of the site seems to tap into the almost voyeuristic nature of most human beings today. As long as it's not abused though, it's all good, and the fact that most of the activity is carried out publically is a good thing. Sure, there's a few idiots spamming the site and harrassing people but that's always the way with the internet and you are best ignoring them really. It's amazing how quick you can build up a network of friends and contacts though, I've only been on it a few weeks and already the page is quite busy. Check out if you haven't already and if ya want to visit my page I'm at

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Pure Cork Boy said...

Just having a quick look around your blog. Reminded me how upset I was at missing the Pharcyde and Ugly Duckling/Giant Panda gigs!

Still, I'm hoping to catch Jazzy Jeff at The Savoy this evening if there are any tickets left at the door, I'm a bit lazy when it comes to getting tickets. That said, the Impact drum'n'bass night is also on at An Cruiscin Lan, which is the back up plan!

Saw the Asian Dub Foundation in Cyprus Avenue last week, which was terrific, probably too drum'n'bass for your liking though.

Also looking forward to seeing Bob Sinclar, Radio Soulwax and the Backstage Sluts at The Savoy later this month. Feck, there's just too many good gigs on!

Finally, if you're bored, check out my blog (, sorry for pinching the name but that's the way it goes.

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Hope you enjoy!

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